"After 10 years of having pain… I go in, and with no anesthesia, had the treatment and the pain went away.   I’m not taking the aspirin or the narcotics and that’s the best thing that ever happened to me." -NJ
"I’m not a huge fan of going to doctor’s offices. Working with Dr. Brown and her team I’ve seen the attention to new technologies and enhancements. I’ve been introduced to ideas that I didn’t think were even possible. Some of the work with stem cells has just amazed me and we have put it to the test."  -SA
“The future is especially bright for this very young science. We’re seeing amazing results with regenerative medicine in terms of aesthetics and anti-aging. Stem cell therapy can rejuvenate skin for a healthy, youthful appearance. For the woman or man experiencing hair loss, we can now even use stem cells for hair growth. It’s an exciting time for patients who want to restore that youthful appearance, safely and easily.” - Dr. Lora A. Brown, Medical Director of Revolution Biologics.
"I am 70 years old.  Last month I fell off my bike and I broke my pelvis. The doctors told me I wouldn’t get well for six to nine months, so we called Dr. Brown. She gave me stem cell injections and within four weeks I didn’t need my walker and I had new bone growth. Dr. Brown has helped me feel better and look better and I really feel like I’m going to live longer and healthier." -NF
“It is our promise to stay ahead of the research to help ensure our clients always have access to best-in-class products and technology, always at the best value, with the best potential outcomes for their patients.” - Dr. Lora A. Brown, Medical Director, Revolution Biologics

Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine:
A Revolutionary Approach to Pain, Injuries, Arthritis, Aesthetics,
and More.

Steroids, pain medicine, Synvisc® and surgery are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary new option that gives hope to those suffering from pain, injuries and degenerative diseases — with faster healing, minimal recovery time, less pain and inflammation, and minimal risk.

Highest Quality Stem Cells and Growth Factors, Better Quality of Life

Regenerative medicine is the science of utilizing human tissue for healing. With the use of placental-derived stem cells and growth factors — and a nonsurgical, minimally invasive, office-based procedure — patients suffering from degenerative disease or injury have new hope for a better quality of life.

Regenerative medicine also offers renewed hope for systemic diseases, osteoarthritis, wound care, hair restoration, and skin rejuvenation. Because adult stem cells are believed to be immune privileged, there is virtually no risk of negative reaction or rejection.

Our Commitment, Your Practice

Revolution Biologics is committed to finding the most effective stem cell and allograft products with proven outcomes and the best value. Revolution Biologics products offer an improved quality of life for your patients — and the opportunity for growth for your practice.

A Range of Applications, Multiple Opportunities for Your Practice


Welcome relief for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative spine disease, podiatric ailments, and musculoskeletal and sports injuries.


Restoring a healthy, more youthful appearance through skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, and IV therapy.


Treating low back pain and disc degeneration, aiding in the success of spinal fusion surgery.